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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Hair of the Dog

     The above phrase is traditionally used in reference to alcohol.  I hope you will use your imagination as I use it in a little different context, in relation to fear. I believe most people are afraid of something. It could be spiders, the dark, heights, flying, any number of things.  One person's fear is another person's "what's the big deal". We shouldn't make light of anyone's fears because to each their fear is real.
    Being afraid isn't necessarily a bad thing. A good healthy bit of fear under certain circumstances can keep a person from becoming a statistic. It's only when our fear becomes so extreme and we are unable to function, it is then time to take action and try to over come that fear. 
    For those who know me, you might be surprised to learn that when I was little I was very afraid of dogs.  My mother told me I would start crying even if I heard a dog bark somewhere. My parents decided I needed a little "hair of the dog". So when I was around two years old they got a dog.  A female boxer puppy, they named her Fromme (a family surname). They placed me in one corner of the kitchen and the puppy in the opposite corner. I screamed and the dog shook.  Poor Fromme didn't know what to make of the wailing banshee opposite her.
     It was probably more cruel to put the dog in that situation then it was for me. But in time I did over come my fear and Fromme forgave me my unwelcoming behavior. We became fast friends as you can see from the following photo. I have a death grip on her, so she can protect me from the scary photographer.

Jackie & Fromme  1950

     Fromme had a couple litters of puppies, which added more dogs to the household.  As the picture below shows I was now very comfortable with dogs.


     My parents kept a male puppy from Fromme's last litter. They named him Flubadub. Now if you're old enough to remember the Howdy Doody show you'll know the origin of the name. If not this will help: Howdy Doody Club. Flubadub defiantly lived up to his namesake, he was a crazy dog, but handsome.  My father showed both dogs in local dog shows and they both won several ribbons and trophies. But as far as my brother, sister and I were concerned they were just our beloved four legged friends.
     Both dogs died when I was in high school, a very sad time for all of us. But they gave much love and enjoyment to the whole family. Over the years I've been a dog Mom to 5, mostly rescues. Fromme will always have a special place in my heart, because of her I overcame one of my fears.

Jackie & Flubadub  1953

     As a side note, the AVMA in 2008 denounced the practice of ear cropping and tail docking as painful and unnecessary. 

A thought to ponder: Always strive to be the person your dog thinks                                                        you are.


  1. How fun to see little Jackie!! I can recognize you very easily in that first photo - your face is more slender and your hairstyle has changed, but otherwise you look the same. :-)

    Great post (again!), and such a great example of what wonderful teachers animals are. Fromme was a big dog, your parents didn't start small getting you over your fear of them! She looks so patient and understanding as you clutch a fistful of her. :-) Nope, I'd never have guessed you were ever afraid of dogs!

    I didn't watch Howdy Doody so I had to visit the link you provided to see who Flubadub was. Fun name for your furry canine brother (I can picture that name for a Basset Hound, too!)

    It's a shame it took the AVMA so long to denounce the cruel practice of ear and tail docking! "Don't crop, let 'em flop!" I'm glad you made that point here! And of course the thought to ponder (a great feature of your posts) is perfect. Not easily done, but an inspiring goal to reach for!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments. Also for saying I look the same, just a tad older, :-) My niece thought it was a picture of her Mom, my younger sister, at first. There's a good family resemblance, at least at that age.