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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sea Secrets

     Our month long visit to So. California was a wonderful time of visiting with family. In particular we got to spend more time with our granddaughter, Miranda. We were lucky to be there to see her in the musical "Peter Pan". She had two parts, one as a Neverland bird in a dance number. The other as one of the lost boys.

     One of the days we were there was a school holiday and our daughter took the day off from work. So we decided to do some exploring of the So. California area that was new to us. I discovered not far from where they live was a state park called Abalone Cove where we could view tide pools, see link for more info: Abalone CoveWe checked the time for low tide and headed out on our adventure.

It was a great day for exploring. It's not your typical beach with sand, but rather lots of rocks. So we diffidently had to watch our step.

We made discoveries.

And enjoyed the beautiful day.

This is another shot of the park. There is a large area to explore.

Miranda enjoying the view.

It was a bit of a trek down and back up the trail so Miranda takes a break. After all our exercise we decided it was time for lunch.

A thought to ponder: "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Sunday, March 6, 2016

In Your Own Backyard

     I don't think I'm alone in this, but have you ever noticed that you very seldom see the sites/attractions in your own city or state. The things people from other places come to see. I know people here in Wyoming that have never been to Yellowstone National Park. Maybe it's because something is close so we think we can see it anytime. Mean while off we go on a trip to another state or country to see their attractions.
     I was born and raised in Southern California, lived there for over thirty years. Yet I never knew why Venice Beach was named after Venice, Italy. We visit So. California at least once a year since we moved to Wyoming. We frequently go to Venice Beach because it is a fun place to people watch. What we had never done was see the canals that gave Venice it's name. During our visit in January I decided we needed to rectify that. The Venice beach area was the vision of Abbot Kinney a wealthy tobacco mogul. The project was started in 1905. Originally there were 16 miles of canals. Today there is only one and a half miles. If you're interested in the full history check out this link: Venice history.

     The above photo shows one of the canals, with walking paths along each side. Unfortunately when we went for our visit it was also the week long, once a year maintenance. They lower the water in the canals and do cleaning and repairs. The boats would normally be floating in water. Pretty much every house has a little dock area and boat.

     Even without full canals it was a lovely walk. It was a beautiful day and looking at all the houses was delightful.

     This area wasn't always a nice place to live. After around the 1950's the area and the canals fell into neglect and disrepair. In the early 1990's the city of Los Angeles decided to repair and revive the canals. Since then the area has become a desirable area to live and of course the home prices reflect that.

     We enjoyed seeing the different types of architecture of the homes. You could tell some were from the era when the canals were first built. Others were newer designs. After walking down paths and over bridges we got a little disoriented and it took us a bit to find our way back to our car. All and all it was an enjoyable experience and gave me the opportunity to learn a little more about my home state.

     The following photo is one I found on the internet that shows the annual Christmas boat parade on the canals. I guess the residents really get into the spirit of the season and all the houses are decorated with lights.

A thought to ponder: "When we do not live in the present moment we are thieves. We rob ourselves of the fun of experiencing the delicious delicacies brought to us by life."

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