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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Revenge can be sweet

     "So what did you do Friday night?"  
     "Oh just sat around watching a baby wiggle."
Yes when you become a grandparent that's the type of activity you find entertaining. Our daughter Casie had the first grandchild, Miranda. She was also the first for our son-in-law Art's parents. Needless to say we were all very excited. We were finally able to see her in California when she was six weeks of age. 
     Casie and her husband had not had an evening out together since the baby was born.  So the four grandparents volunteered to babysit while they went out to dinner. Now at six weeks babies don't do a whole lot. If they're not eating or sleeping then they're laying in one spot looking around and randomly moving their arms and legs, basically wiggling. For several hours four adults sat and watched a six week old baby wiggle. You would have thought she was putting on an Oscar winning performance the way we oohed and ahhed.

Miranda at 6 weeks

     That was almost 8 years ago. Over that time we've had many great visits either in California or here in Wyoming and we Skype often.  I've enjoyed watching Casie and Art go from nervous newbies to confident parents. When Miranda was about a year or so old, Casie said to me, "Mom, now I get it." The 'it' being how hard parenting can be. I was glad to hear she was developing an appreciation of her fathers and my efforts as parents.

Miranda at 14 months

      But I have to say one of my favorite moments happened during a Skype session. Miranda was around two and she decided to have a toddler melt down. Casie and Art tried to reason with her. You can not reason with a two year old even under the best of circumstances. My husband and I started to laugh as we sat and watched from a safe distance. As they tried to deal with an out of control toddler, Casie said, "You don't have to laugh." With tears running down our cheeks, we replied, "Oh yes, yes we do."   Awe, yes, sometimes revenge can be sweet.

A cheerful 2 year old Miranda

A thought to ponder: Grandchildren are your reward for not strangling                                           your teenagers.

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  1. We love this little girl to pieces! Her parents are pretty great too! Thanks for not strangling Casie as she is the best friend a girl can ask for!

    1. Well there were a few days it was touch and go, but Casie did turn out pretty great.

  2. What??!! Touch and go? Pshaw.....and I remember that Skype session well. You and Dad were about to fall off your chairs : ) And every day I get "it" and am so grateful I have the parents I do who are, of course, amazing Grandparents.

    Thank you Mom and Dad!

    1. Casie, your mom has shared a few photos of Miranda with me from time to time, and also one of the outside of your house (and other cute houses in your lovely neighborhood) after her latest trip to visit you, and so I just had to tell you - your kiddo is adorable, and so is your house! :-)

    2. Awww thank you so much! I appreciate that : )


  3. Truly, I never thought reading about someone's grandchildren would be so entertaining! "… we started to laugh as we watched from a safe distance." LOL It's the "from a safe distance" part that tickled me, along with your wicked glee, which comes across undiluted by the intervening years. ;-) Miranda at 14 months appears full of piss and vinegar and as if she could sprout little devil horns at any moment (that expression goes way beyond mere mischievous!), but at two she looked far more angelic. :-) So, were you among the many parents who at some point in your parenting say to your unruly child, "I hope someday you grow up and have children who act just like you!?" Sounds like it! It also sounds like that curse works more often than not!

    1. Fortunately Miranda is more angelic then devil, but she does have a stubborn streak. Not sure if I ever said the curse out loud but I know I thought it more then once. We've also had our revenge on Vince, with Rex. So we're two for two. Glad you liked the post, thanks.