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Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Break

     Depending on where you live spring break might have already come and gone. Our grandson's break was last month. He got to take a ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyo. 

     Our granddaughter lives in California, her spring break was last week. She went on a family RV trip to San Diego.

     Warm or cold fun was had by all. When I was in school in So. California, our spring break always fell the week before Easter.  In high school it was the in thing to return from break with a tan. Fortunately my grandmother lived at the beach. Even more so was the fact she welcomed myself and two or three of my friends into her home for a week. We saved our money so we could buy groceries for the week. We planned and cooked the meals during our stay. When my grandmother headed off to work we would head to the beach. Most of So. California had their spring break at the same time, so there were lots of teenagers hanging out.
     Back in the 'olden' days we didn't have a handy phone to snap photos and take selfies. I always brought along my trusty little Kodak with black and white film. Of course after we got home we had to wait while the film was developed. My photos weren't always that great but they still provide some fond memories.

We enjoyed our time at the beach. But also just had fun in general.

Here we are at the end of a week of sun and fun. Our friend Larry, who had a car, came to pick us up and take us home.

In case you don't know that's me far right. Don't we all have a nice tan. Before the days of sunscreen.

A thought to ponder: "We didn't realize we were making memories, we just                                            knew we were having fun."

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