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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How I met your Father

     My husband and I are celebrating our 48th anniversary today. So it seems appropriate to write about how we came to be married. How did a girl from congested sunny Southern California end up in the chilly wilds of Wyoming? Well it starts with me deciding to go to nursing school in San Diego, CA (I'm from the LA area). Then you add a boy from Wyoming who decides to join the Navy. Throw in a dance at the San Diego YMCA and you have the perfect storm, sort of.
     San Diego has always been known as a navy town, although not as much now as it was in the early 60's. Because there were always many sailors in town the Y would throw dances on a regular basis. As a student at an all girls nursing school run by the Sisters of Mercy, a dance seemed like a good way to meet boys.

The student nurse

     Ok, so you met your husband at a dance, end of story. Not quite, you see Al never even asked me to dance. He was interested in my friend Betty. He dated her for awhile, then dated friend Peggy, then friend Mary(by the way we all remained friends). I also was dating other people, nothing serious. Then one evening Al called our dorm, he asked for Mary, no she's out, Peggy, out, Betty, out. Well how about Jackie something, can't remember her last name. I happened to be there so he asked if I'd like to go have a coke with him and his friend and friend's girl. Sure why not, I had nothing better to do.

The sailor

     We started dating casually, but gradually it became more exclusive. After about seven months we were getting pretty serious. Then one day out of the wild blue, Al calls me to say he doesn't think we should see each other any more, but we could still be friends. WHAT! Now you might think I would be heart broken and reduced to tears. But he didn't know who he was dealing with, yet. Oh I was upset all right but I didn't cry, I got angry. Hadn't we talked about marriage and now he wanted to break up.
     About this time one of my dorm mates was looking for a blind date for her boy friend's buddy. I said, "I'll go" and thought, "I'll show him, breakup my aunt fanny".  So I went out on a date that same night. A week later Al gave me an engagement ring. Now if you ask him about this story he will point out that I wasn't very upset about the break up because I went out on a date the same day. I will counter with the fact that he went out with three of my friends before getting to me. He says he saved the best for last (he's always been a silver tongued devil). No matter how you want to look at it here we are celebrating 48 years of marriage.

The school prom. Do you like my hair? That's when
you could drive safely to Tijuana, Mexico and get
your hair done for $2 

      Like any other couple who's been together for any length of time we've had our ups and downs. One thing Al said during our short lived break up is still true, we can still be friends. I say that's what has helped us through those up & downs. Al says it's because he learned early on to say, "Yes dear". I did ask him why he broke up with me that day. He said, "I was afraid, I knew this was the real deal".

A thought to ponder: Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what's even scarier? Regret.


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!

    At the risk of repeating myself (again), this is another wonderful post. I love how you tell the story of Al calling your dorm and going through his "stable" of names till he got to yours! Casie and Vince should right thank you letters to Mary, Peggy and Betty for all being out that fateful night. :-) And Al should write you daily thank you notes, of course, for being IN that night - and for having "nothing better to do."

    I can't believe he broke up with you! He kind of redeemed himself with his later explanation that he knew you were the real deal and that scared him. I'm glad he eventually grew some gonads and did the right thing. LOL And you, playing it so cool - good for you! I can't imagine either of you with anyone else, so I'm glad it all worked out in the end! And you're right, being friends no matter what is so important.

    Loved the photos - you're downright stunning in your prom photo! Even allowing for the styles of the day. ;-) And once again, you have changed very little through the years, and Al has gotten even handsomer with time.

    1. Thanks again for the kind words and Al says thanks for saying he's gotten handsomer. He says no one has said that before :-). Our kids, family and a few friends have heard this before of course. Al always tries to come off as the most injured party in the story but most people don't buy it. LOL

    2. Well, I'm sure if the silver-tongued devil himself were telling it, some people might be fooled into believing his "most injured party" claim. Though I doubt it would take them too long to figure out they'd been had! ;-)

      Hey, Al ol' pal - I really meant it about your being even handsomer now! Like a fine wine, you've grown better with age… still an ornery silver-tongued devil, though. :-)

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