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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Garden Therapy

     Coming soon to this blog near you, Garden Therapy Thursday. On random Thursdays I will wax poetic about our garden. Well probably not poetic, I'm really not much of a poet. But I'll defiantly tell you lots of cool stuff and share lots of neat pictures. I will be sharing the rags to riches story of our garden. It's evolution from nothing but dirt, rocks and weeds to a certified backyard habitat.

Morning glories on our herb garden fence (2005)

      It would be groovy if you'd stop by to read about the growing of our gloriously gratifying garden. It is genuinely gorgeous, never garish. It's been a gargantuan task, but we are always gleeful at the arrival of spring and the chance to see our graceful and genial flowers, plants and trees. Lucky for you I'm about out of "g's".

     The next thought is germane to this post. Ok, I'm done.

A thought to ponder: Gardening is cheaper then therapy, and you get tomatoes.

Participating in Garden Party Tuesday.


  1. Good golly, glamorous garden shots, more great green-thumbed grist for the blogging mill! :-)

    You already know what gung-ho fans of your garden we are. :-) I didn't even recognize that morning glory/herb garden fence, so either I've been too distracted by all your other lovely garden diversions, it's all overgrown now due to your gardening prowess, or it's been removed and replaced in the nine years since you took the photo. Clearly it will be fun to get to see all the history and transformations in these random Thursday garden posts!

    You might want to consider sharing them with a garden meme (weekly or monthly themed blogger-fests, like SkyWatch Friday - here is a list I found in case you're interested. I'm sure there are even more out there, but it would be a fun way to see other gardens, share yours, and increase your blog readership and comments. And even if you're not interested in participating in a meme, maybe you'll find other blogs to follow!

    1. You found some more "g's", great. :-) You didn't miss the morning glories because they're not there. There are some growing but they haven't bloomed yet. That was the best year I had for them, I haven't been able to duplicate the same growth since, darn. Thanks for the info about memes.

  2. It was grueling, you'd glommed onto most of them, you G glutton! ;-)

    I'm a bit relieved to hear I didn't actually miss them, as I pride myself on being observant (most of the time!) Are they blooming now? Have you seen the place on Stonegate that has them covering their front porch? BW says they come back like that every year. I wonder what came together in '05 to create such ideal growing conditions for them? I'd love to have some growing up our stone knee wall (guess the trick is to plant some, huh? Thought the Morning Glory Faeries might help me out with that, but noooooo!)