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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Asleep at the wheel

     I'm not wasting any time bringing out the pictures of grand kids. When people ask how I like being a grandparent I say, " I love it, I should have had them first"Only another grandparent can fully understand this sentiment. Having grandchildren is a very different experience than raising their parents. The thing to remember is, you can only get the best appreciation from another grandparent when talking about your own. You can talk to your non grandparent friends but very often behind that smile is gritted teeth and the thought "when will they stop with the pictures and stories". 
     The nice thing about this blog is I can tell all the stories and show all the pictures I want. And if you're one of those with the gritted teeth you can click on by.  Which brings us to the title of this post.
     A few years ago our grandson Rex received a drive able toy John Deere tractor. He loved to drive it around our yard, especially when his Poppy was mowing the lawn with his riding lawn mower.

        One day during a mowing session Poppy noticed Rex had started to drive erratically. He would stop then lurch forward, stop, lurch forward. My husband realized Rex had fallen asleep and his foot would jerk and push the go pedal. He called me to come and look. We both marveled at the fact that he could fall asleep while driving, John Deere can be proud of their smooth riding tractor. I of course had to snap several pictures before waking him.

      As you can see owning a good camera is essential equipment for any card carrying grandparent.

A thought to ponder: The speed of the car in front of you slows in direct proportion to how late you are for your appointment.

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  1. I think I can safely say that I speak for all non-grandparents (and even non-parents) when I say that this is ADORABLE!! Each photo cuter than the last - what a precious and very funny story! (Just as my laughter had finally started to wind down, I noticed Rex's wellies in that last photo and the hilarity started up all over again!!) :-D

    This is going to be a really fun blog… you can talk about your grandkids all you want! :-)

    (And that "Thought to Ponder" is SPOT ON! Guess it's not just me, then!!)

    1. Glad you like the post. Al & I still laugh every time we look at those pictures and remember that day.

  2. I've always love this picture and story! He's so flippin cute! I really enjoy the Grandparent perspective : )

    1. There will be more next week with Miranda as the star.

  3. SOOOO CUTE!!! Loved seeing your pictures, this is what life is about