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Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Goose without a Mother

     Once upon a time, well actually just this past Memorial Day. Vince, Kristin and Rex went for a hike. While on their hike a little gosling started following them. They looked around trying to find her Mom and a nest, without luck. The creek was running high and fast, so they think she might have gotten washed away from her family. We don't really know if it's a boy or girl just using she to make things easier. The gosling followed them back to their car. Afraid she might get hit by another car they brought her to our house, we have a very small pond. Rex christened her "Puffee".

Rex and Puffee

Wait for me!

     Kristin called friends who have some acreage and a couple of large ponds. They agreed to take Puffee. Rex wasn't ready to give her up yet so they took the little girl home for awhile. So she became part of the family for a few weeks. They used a 10 gallon glass aquarium for her to stay in at night or when they were gone. But if they were home then she wanted to be held all the time. She would squawk her head off if they left the room.

This is more like it.

Nap time

Watching the Kings Hockey game with Vince

Resting on the counter

This is how Vince and Puffee roll

     Finally Puffee reached a point where she was getting too big for the aquarium and it was time to move on to bigger things.

Here she is with Rex checking out her new digs.
She would stay in the coop at night and be let out to roam around during the day.

Paying a visit a few weeks later, look how she's grown

     The above pictures were taken the end of June. Puffee has made a friend, another orphan, a duck, named "Duck Food", aka "DF".

Here's Puffee and DF having breakfast with a photo bombing drake in the background.

Paying another visit in August

Puffee is now a beautiful full grown goose. Hanging with DF.

     The last report about Puffee is, she thinks she's a duck. When the wild ducks fly I guess she flies with them, but she always comes back. It will be interesting to see what happens when winter gets closer. Will she stay, will she hook up with her own kind and fly south, will she fly south with the ducks. We shall see.

A thought to ponder: The kindness one does for a animal may not change the world....But it will change the world for that one animal.

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  1. I'm so tickled to see Puffee on your blog! I've been wondering with all the geese flying over our house lately if Puffee has stayed put - I hope she does, she's got a great thing going and she's safe and happy there. (Btw, have the people she's living with now been able to determine Puffee's gender?)

    I love that she thinks she's a duck. I'll bet she tried to con Vince (conVince? lol) into switching from the Kings hockey game to the Oregon Ducks! :-)

    Adorable post, I'm so glad Vince, Kristin and Rex rescued Puffee and gave her a safe and loving home with them, you, and her new foster family! I just love the heart-warming bond they formed, so evident in your precious photos!

    1. PS It goes without saying I love the quote. :-)

    2. I talked to Vince and he said that Puffee has left, she hooked up with some other geese. Hopefully she'll find a mate. I don't think they know if she's a he or a she. It will be interesting to see if she comes back to those ponds to nest. I hope so.

    3. I hope so too! I hope s/he comes back in the spring with a wonderful spouse to raise a puffee little family. :-)

  2. Laurie sent me the link to this post and I'm so glad she did! What a beautiful story! It's so wonderful to see some kindness towards animals and I'm so glad that Puffee was found and taken care of. So cute that she thinks she's a duck, too!

    That picture of her sleeping on Rex's shoulder is so precious. They look like they became great friends, and how fun for him to see her grow up.

    Love this post! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Molly and glad you like my post. Having Puffee has been a fun experience for all of us. The picture of her sleeping on Rex's shoulder is my favorite. My son told me yesterday that she has hooked up with other geese and flown off. Hopefully she will return to the ponds next year to nest. I hope you'll stop by again.