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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Garden Therapy: Evolution

     A garden is a living thing, therefore it will change and evolve over time. In this post I thought I would share another area of our garden that has changed over the twenty plus years we have lived in our home. Because our yard is so large and has many different areas we have given these spaces names. This helps us when we are talking about doing something to a certain spot. The area I'm sharing today we call "the mound".


     This started out as a pile of dirt that was left over from the building of our house when they dug the foundation. We decided to leave it and plant flowers and shrubs on it, also a couple trees behind.



     This was fine for several years, but over time we were having problems with grass growing in among the plants. It was becoming difficult to maintain. So we thought about what we could do to make maintenance easier. The following photos show the changes we made in 2008.

     As you can see we decided to build a block wall. We were able to buy the concrete blocks cheaply, they came from a building that had been torn down.

The wall is starting to take shape. My husband used rebar and concrete inside the blocks to help hold them in place.

Here is the wall the following year in 2009. We faced the block with lattice and topped it with rustic tiles. The back part of the mound just slopes down to meet the ground behind.

     The following photos show what the area looks like today. As you can see the plants have filled in nicely. We put down weed barrier cloth and then covered that with rocks. It is now pretty low maintenance. 

And a few little embellishments for fun.
I have three different ones that glow at night

     It is fun to look back at the old photos and see the transformation that has taken place over the years. Gardening is certainly not for the impatient.

A thought to ponder: " To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
                                                                                     Audrey Hepburn 


  1. Am looking at all the work you have done in your garden (while it's in the triple digits here!) - you can be proud of a beautiful garden!

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    For the comments you just scroll down to the bottom:)
    Hope you're having a great summer and that we'll see you back very soon:)

  2. I like both looks of your garden. I also liked seeing how your trees evolved over the years. I'm about to start changing the look of our front yard. Under the late Mama's helm, it was a luscious green lawn. So now it's my turn and all I know so far is most, if not all, of the lawn goes.

  3. I see you inspired Susie:):) Many thanks for sharing the development of what has become a beautiful garden with SEASONS! Hope to see you back next week (if you don't do weekly posts, just link up another thumbnail for the linky list!)

  4. You have developed a beautiful garden I love the embellishments Really cool

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful! Love all the flowers and embellishments you added. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  6. Lots of changes but it looks great. I like your added embellishments.

  7. Lovely garden! Good work!