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Monday, August 17, 2015

Garden Therapy: A Bridge to Nowhere

     Here's another garden project that we did several years after we moved into our house. My husband designed and built a bridge. It doesn't really go  anywhere  or serve a functional purpose. We just did it for fun.
These two pictures show the start of the construction (March 1997)

This is the finished product before painting. (June 1997)

These were taken at different times in 2009

     I should take back the comment about the bridge not having a functional purpose. Because it has served in other capacities besides just walking over.

As a place to sled when our grandson was 3 years old (2010).

Also a place for a wedding (June 2010). Even with the rain it was
lovely. Besides rain on your wedding day means good luck.

 This year the bridge needed painting. After we did that we added some solar lights to the posts. It makes a lovely addition to our night time garden.

      I think my next project for the bridge will be to add a sign post. I can put how many miles to different destinations. Even if the bridge doesn't really go anywhere, you will be able to pretend that it does.

A thought to ponder: In the moment of crisis the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.


  1. oh my your bridge to no where is somewhere right where it is found. With so many great uses in garden season and out I am sure you would miss it if it were not there.

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  2. Pretending is good enough! Nice bridge :)

  3. I love it, if I had a bigger garden I would get one